“Positive Psychotherapy according to Seligman and Positive Psychotherapy according to Peseschkian: A Comparision. Ewa Dobiała, Peter Winkler, International Journal of Psychotherapy, vol. 3, No 3, Nov. 2016

‘Positive psychotherapy’ (Seligman, Rashid & Parks, 2006) is an upcoming and relatively new approach with various ‘positively-oriented’ self-help techniques, and this approach is spreading into different branches of psychiatry and psychotherapy. It evolved from interventions developed within Seligman’s ‘Positive Psychology’ (Seligman, 1998). Both of these terms (‘Positive Psychology’ and ‘Positive psychotherapy’) are now beginning to be used fairly interchangeably.
However, the term ‘Positive Psychotherapy’ has also been used in a very different context by Nossrat Peseschkian (Peseschkian, 1977) to identify his particular method of psychotherapy, developed since 1977.
Thus, this term can designate two very different psychotherapeutic approaches. The following article describes both approaches, differentiates between them, and shows various similarities as resource-oriented approaches and indicates some of the capabilities in scientific work and possible cross-approach inspirations.